Poultry Farm Usage

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Special features of PRECURE-VET-5  are as follows :

  1. Stable in water for 48 hours compared to 2 hours as of inorganic chlorine
  2. Organic Chloromines are more potential which releases higher level of chlorine
  3. Available in formulated tablets in suitable sizes
  4. Shelf life is 2 years as against 30 days in case of bleaching powder
  5. No change in Taste or Odour where as lime and alkaline taste in others

For Poultry Farms:

Diseases and infections are the major concerns in the poultry industry. Thanks to the modern health products as microbial contamination can be prevented / avoided by the proper management of this. Mostly, all major diseases / infections are spread through water and if water is of inferior quality, there are all chances for infection and diseases. .

PRECURE-VET-5 is a brand name for the new generation ecofriendly and dependable Chlorinated disinfectant for drinking water. This is an effervescent tablet containing Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate extensively used for sanitizing drinking water and also used as a disinfectant in livestock and poultry. This is most effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi & protozoa including almost all poultry pathogens. PRECURE VET-5 has got excellent effect against fungi, spores, virus, protozoa, bacteria, like salmonella & E-coli etc.


Products NaDcc Content PPM To treat Litres of water
PRECURE-VET-5 5gm 5 600
    2 1500
    1 3000