Water Testing Field Kits

No living organism can survive without water. We have innumerable sources of water, but they are required to be tested to establish the degree of their usefulness to human beings. However, in practical situations, it is not possible in every case to collect water from such sources to undertake its testing.

That kind of testing would require establishment of certified laboratories at all local places and they must be run by technically qualified personnel in adequate number, but it would indeed be very difficult to create such facilities because, in doing that so many man hours and a lot of capital would be wasted.

Inspite of such difficulties it is tremendously necessary to test and analyze water for the sake of human life. All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health (Kolkata) and UNICEF jointly undertook research and developed a method for analyzing water. The method developed by them in the form of a kit is called “Water Quality Field testing Kit” and it facilitates testing of water at any place. By using the kit water can be tested quite easily at any location.

Pure Water

Pure water is a compound of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. However, the water that we obtain has several impurities melted into it.

Potable water or Drinking Water:

Potable water must be absolutely free from any germs or microorganisms. This is because water containing them may possibly lead to many diseases.

Polluted Water:

Polluted water contains micro-organisms, which can spread diseases.

Usefulness of Water:

Our life is impossible without water. The need for water arises in our daily life in many ways, For example:

1. Water for drinking and cooking
2. For bathing, other daily chores including washing of clothes and utensils
3. For irrigation in agricultural operations
4. Water needed by animals for drinking
5. For extinguishing fire

Importance of Testing Water through Scientific Methods:

Some of the substances dissolved into water as well as microorganisms in it are harmful to our health and that is why its testing becomes imperative. Several methods for this kind of testings are evolved, considering the impurities in it.


The following kind of testing can be undertaken by using the given kit:

1. Turbidity
2. Measurement of pH
3. Hardness of Water
4. Chlorine Content
5. Nitrate Content
6. Fluoride Content
7. Free Residual Chlorine