Chlorine Tablets from Bleaching Powder

Chlorination of water is one of the worldwide-accepted method of disinfection and purification of water to make it portable. For economical and timely purification of drinking water, under the various schemes of protected water supply, Chlorine Tablets are highly effective and this is considered to be the easiest method for purification of water.

Uses of Chlorine Tablets
  • Chlorine provides a strong residual in the distribution system.
  • Chlorine can be easily converted to chloramines which also provide a strong residual and do not produce by-products.
  • Chlorine is easy to apply.
  • Chlorine is a relatively inexpensive disinfecting agent.
  • Chlorine is effective at low concentrations as well.
  • It is used with a Hygienic purpose and is indispensable in water treatment.
  • It is used for disinfecting Industrial residue and Pool cleaning.
  • Due to its decolorizing property, it is used in whitening of vegetable fibers like cotton, linen etc. and of paper pulp.
Product Specifications of chlorine tablets :
Tablet weight Available chlorine To Treat liters of water
0.5 gm 25 mg to 45 mg 20 liters of water
2.5 gm 300 mg t0 480 mg 240 liters of water
Bnt Shelf Life : Six months
Direction : Crush the tablet in to fine powder and dissolve in water. Stir and allow to dissolve for half an hour to One hour for better chlorine action.
Storage : Keep in a cool, dry & dark place and away from moisture, heat & skin.
Packing : 1,000 Tablets packed in a plastic bag, then pack into Black Plastic Bottle.
    (100 Tablets plastic pouch x 10  i.e. 1000 tablets pack into Black Plastic Bottle for 0.5 gm Tablet)